How to start

At Stroomlijn you always start with an introduction by telephone. Check out the online agenda below to see which time suits you best and plan this first appointment yourself.

During the call, we briefly discuss whether our offer suits you. The conversation takes about 10 minutes.

Does none of the options fit into your agenda? Send an email with your telephone number to

Online agenda

Is Stroomlijn not the right fit for you? No problem. The introduction call is obligation free and in that case no costs are involved.

After the call

Does Stroomlijn's approach seem to suit your needs? In that case, the online intake interview follows a few weeks after the telephone introduction.

Together we will create a concrete treatmentplan. In some cases it turns out that our help is not sufficient after all. We will then give you advice for treatment elsewhere.

With a referral letter from your general practitioner the sessions are covered by your health insurance. If you still have a compulsory deductible outstanding, this will be addressed first.